Aquarian Enterprises     Building on tradition - looking into the future

Aquarian Enterprises - the Narrative

The story of Aquarian Inc. - and Aquarian Enterprises - is closely connected to that of our beloved ancestor, Ville Bergsten, without whom and his founding work there would be no Aquarian Enterprises. See the section "Our Legacy" for more details.

Take a little time to learn to know us...

Who we are and what do we do?

We are a Finnish investment and venture capital company, investing in selected branches and companies worldwide. "Selected" means that we only invest in branches and companies we ourselves believe in. As a result of this, our portfolio at any given time can best be characterised as somewhat hip but highly exiting.

Where do we operate from?

While our roots are still in Central Finland, our offices are in the Hipster neighbourhood of Kallio in Helsinki, which (when writing this) was among the top ten cities in the Move Hub's the Hipster Index.

Since we also do have a presence in Jyväskylä, Central Finland, we also work from there even if we do not have office spaces to facilitate face2face meetings in there. 

Our business strategy

Our business strategy is simply to invest in companies that are able to generate a solid cash-flow by producing distinguishable goods and services, we believe to be in high demand today as well as tomorrow. Our VC focus is in startups that aim to fulfil such a market void, that even we have for sometime wondered why isn't anybody doing this - yet.